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This site was created to expose the current state of champion balance and popularity in League of Legends.

Since League of Legends is a game constantly changing regarding game balance and trends it's been hard to get a good overview of the best edge champions. Stateoflol aims to expose these differences in balance and help you to get the better edge.

The site is not represented by Riot games, but an individual programmer.

The data

All the data has its origin from where the same data can be viewed, but not in one and the same chart.

Q: Are all matches played in LoL accounted for?

A: No only ranked 5v5 games with players with Bronze ranking or better from all of the servers.

Q: How often is the data updated?

A: We poll to check for new data hourly. The data on lolking is only updated once per day and the most recent day presented is always 2-3 days back, so the same goes for stateoflol.

If you want to know more about the origin of the data ask lolking.


Feel free to mail or add me on EUW if you have some question or feedback. I'm a casual LoL player, this is my account: HugQ

Champion win ratio chart - This chart displays overall win ratios for champions

Popularity ratio chart - This chart displays in how many of the games champions are played

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*The games accounted for are ranked games from all the servers with players of bronze ranking or higher.